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It’s been a busy couple weeks.

We headed out to pick up another trailer in the USA. Realy nice horse trailer that needed a bit of work done. So we decided to take it to our affiliates in Glendale Arizona. They are doing the repairs on it for us. We also left them a Class C Minnie Winnie to sell.

We then bought a 2008 Essex Class A tandem diesel and sold it right away to a family very excited to venture out. We finally got Sylvain's teeth fixed in Algodones Mexico. Had sometime to burn while waiting on the teeth/crowns to be prepped so we went to Dessert Hotsprings California and met up with my niece and a few other people. Also enjoyed Fountain of Youth resort for a few days. We used our friends place in Maricopa Arizona to use as a home base which is a pretty awesome for hospitality and a stocked garage!

Currently hauling back a beautiful 2019 Cyclone HD toy hauler.

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